Tony declaring that Stark Towers be renamed Winterfell and whenever he is called away for boring conferences or whatever he refuses because “There must always be a Stark in Winterfell.”

fightdurden asked:
So why is ur screen name "analwhitegirl"? I can think of many dirty and clean reasons, but I thought I would just ask.

Ah yes, I am asked this approximately once every blue moon so we’re just going to clear this one up here real quick. 

The “anal” descripitory tag suggests that I am a fan of anal-related tasks and this was a factor in choosing a proper screen name and it is true; however, it is also meant to represent the OCPD I wrangle with on a daily basis. I have often characterized myself as a person that “anal” can be used as a term of friendly endearment to describe a number of mannerisms I act upon. 

The “white girl” part is because I am Caucasian, I am a girl, and sometimes I do things that are characterized as stereotypical white girl actions. Meant as both a reflection of my exterior self as well as a quip to say that there is more to me than my Uggs, leggings, and pumpkin lattes (which are delicious and should be renowned across the land).

Long story short: My screen name is my screen name because it was available.